About Aimee Carruth

As near death experience survivor, Aimee has a unique outlook about life in general. She sees and hears energy and patterns in a client’s life which, when brought to conscious awareness, enable a person to deal with their life very differently.

Aimee is one of a very few in the world that teach and practice the Axiatonal Light Grid, an energy work that calls in the soul’s original intention to be physical. When that memory is (re-)called into present space and time, the client’s outlook, life and quite simply, the way they participate in the world changes.

Aimee was a founding member of the National Institutes of Health Office of Alternative and Complementary Medicines, is a medical intuitive, and is an advocate for alternative medicines.

She has lectured and led meditations at the United Nations S.R.C. (staff recreation council) Enlightenment Society, for spiritual awareness.

Additionally, Aimee is a skilled teacher, lecturer, and has been on radio, and television.

For information on sessions, or presenting to groups, please call Aimee at
(978) 793-3822

Contact Aimee for information on sessions, or presenting to groups.

Contact: elightenevents AT yahoo DOT com
Ph: (978) 793-3822
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