Humans are energy beings, creating their form with conscious Intention.

Axiatonal LightGrid
Is the
Blueprint for Human Beings

The Axiatonal light lines are similar to the Horizontal, Vertical, and Sound controls on a TV set. Your physical presence is the result of focusing energy. Your Soul becomes a focused physical presence, and The desire to experience physical creation becomes a reality.

Acting on its original intention, the emerging consciousness draws together the actual components from the local environment to create a space/time presence, or body. This begins as cells band together in the creation of physical form.

As in a television set, or radio reception, if the source energy is somehow blocked, the reception will be faint, or will have static (chaos) with mixed messages present.

The end result for a human is the same: an inability to focus or to be present in the moment.

As we fine tune our ability to focus, as we can with the Axiatonal LightGrid, we focus again with our original intention, and begin to remember our desire to be physical beings of light.

In awakening to our original intention to be physical, distractions begin to dissolve away from our lives. Our choices become clearer, we move into an easier space of comfort and presence any mis-creations or mis-understandings we have begin to shift, and resolve themselves.

In addition, potentially profound results may occur, such as height changes, or birth defects dissolving or aligning into a more correct form and shape.

The Axiatonal light lines are part of many overall frequencies within this 3D realm. This is a constant, vibrating foundation from which consciousness shapes physical reality.

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