Seeking Angels

Aimee Carruth is seeking to launch a pair of businesses that will transform opportunities for healing in North America. Aimee has been pursuing this vision for over 20 years, and the time to actually launch the businesses is now. Aimee is seeking spiritually-oriented investors to invest in and contribute to plans that will make detoxification and non-invasive support for health available at low cost, and also to provide grants for children who cannot otherwise afford care.

Aimee’s journey began when her daughter, Bridgett, succumbed to cancer in 1988. Research shows that there are many gentle, non-invasive techniques that supplement health care for cancer and many other illnesses. These treatments are outside of mainstream medicine, thoroughly harmless, and highly beneficial. They help healthy people stay healthy, and help people with illnesses recover more quickly.

Aimee looks forward to bringing healing to the world with the help of your generous spirit.

Contact: elightenevents AT yahoo DOT com
Ph: (978) 793-3822
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